Matthew McGregor

Obama Media Team

Matthew has been working in digital, communications, and politics around the world for 15 years.

For President Obama’s re-election campaign he ran digital rapid response, working at the intersection of digital and communications, with senior staff across departments.

Labelled “Obama’s digital attack dog” by the Guardian, Matthew spearheaded the campaign’s online work to frame Governor Romney’s business record, to prepare the campaign’s online response to the vice presidential pick, and around the debates.

The Times described the work of Matthew’s team: “Every time Mr. Romney slipped up, raised a policy point or made a decision, indeed, every time he spoke, the team was ready to counterattack with slick graphics, funny blogs and e-mail blasts. The most devastating hits often included excruciating videos of Mr. Romney’s most embarrassing moments.”

Matthew played a pivotal role in flagging Governor Romney’s comments about London being unready to host the Olympics on the first day of his trip to London. Mark Halperin and John Heileman write in Double Down, “McGregor’s intercession turned the frame into Romney-as-not-ready-for-prime-time-player — and a one-man special-relationship wrecking crew.”

Before and after the 2012 campaign, Matthew worked at Blue State Digital, initially setting up and running their London office before moving to the U.S. to oversee international and political work, including election campaigns in India, Australia, and most recently for the U.K. Labour Party during the 2015 General Election.

Matthew has a long history of working with progressive organizations, including labor unions, advocacy groups and not-for-profits. He is a regular public speaker at conferences on developments in digital communications, rapid response and social media, and is regularly quoted in the media on those topics.

A native of Norwich, England, Matthew gained a BA in Government and Politics at the University of Sheffield, UK in 2001. Now a dual citizen, Matthew is an avid fan of the Washington Nationals and EPL team Norwich City. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife.